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05 June 2017 - MEDIA RELEASE

The social services sector is currently undergoing significant change with the implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and aged care reforms. These changes have altered the way in which organisations need to operate.

DUO has been exploring ways to ensure supports and services are not only maintained into the future, but are potentially expanded to meet future demand.  Like other organisations, DUO has been considering options to collaborate, partner and merge to secure our ongoing sustainability and viability.

It was in this context that DUO and Life Without Barriers agreed to explore a merger of the two organisations, with the key purpose of ensuring that both organisations are positioned for a stronger future together.

Life Without Barriers is one of Australia’s largest social purpose, not-for-profit organisations, located in 300 communities throughout Australia and works in areas such as Disability Support, Aged Care, Mental Health and Refugee and Asylum Seeker services.  

“It was particularly important to us that in exploring a potential merger, the organisation we partnered with would have a shared vision and a strong values alignment.”  Cheryl Pollard, DUO’s Chief Executive said.  

DUO’s Chair, Patrick White, agreed, adding “This merger would be very much about leveraging the strengths, expertise and knowledge of both organisations while building a solid foundation for future growth and development.”

Services and supports will continue to be delivered in the Canberra community, but with more resilience and innovation that comes from being a larger organisation.

A number of open forums to give and receive feedback and further information will be held for all stakeholders in the upcoming weeks.

For further information, contact:

CHERYL POLLARD  |  Chief Executive
0413 459 166

GERALDINE VELEZ  |  Manager - Marketing & Brand 
6287 2870